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Out of the ashes of two Quebec referendums on independence and 30 years of restrictive language laws, emerged a Canadian counter revolution in the province of Quebec in the 1990's. The Angryphone movement

Topics of discussion: the Quebec language laws and language police; the mass Quebec exodus; the two Quebec referendums; the lead up to the Clarity act and the Canadian civil and language rights events, boycotts and protests

Guests include: Howard Galganov (former president of QPAC), Bill Johnson (Globe and Mail journalist), Brent Tyler (Civil rights lawyer), Richard Lehir ( Former PQ Cabinet Minister), Keith Henderson (former leader of the Equality party of Quebec), Kristian Gravenor (Montreal journalist) and more...

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Release Date: March 2008

Film Director(s): Jimmy Kay.

Film Type: Feature Length Film

Production Company: filmed in Canada-

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